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A very Hygge Christmas

'Tis the season!

Giving your Christmas a hygge makeover

On the surface, there are a million similarities between Christmas and hygge; candles, blankets, getting cosy in front of the fire etc etc. 

Christmas is after all, the brightest celebration in the darkest winter months - a time for even the busiest of people to slow down and to be together with people who love them. 

I don't know if its just me but I do sometimes feel like Chirstmas is getting less and less personal each year - the older I get, the more I seem to spend December fitting in social events (not that I'm really popular - I think everybody panics and feels like they should see each other because it's Christmas) and beating myself up for having only bought one or two presents. 

This year we're hosting our first ever Christmas for the whole family so I'm trying to make it super special for my husband and I so that we can remember it, but obviously there have been some disasters along the way...

Here's how I've tried to make my Christmas more hygge:

1. Instead of buying lots of little presents for my nieces, I've bought them one big present to share - they get so overwhelmed with gifts and I honestly think kids can forget the spirit of Christmas when they're having sackfuls of gifts thrown at them.  Obviously I don't yet know how this one will pan out but I'll update you after Christmas!

2. We've tried to source as much food for Christmas dinner from local farms and local suppliers as possible - this has been really easy actually as we live in an area that's abundant with incredibly talented foodie manufacturers and suppliers.'s also expensive and there have been a few things I just can't justify (£5 for a jar of piccalilli? No thank you!) but on the whole, the feeling of supporting small businesses and getting amazing quality really makes you appreciate what you're eating and drinking. In addition, supermarkets are so overwhleming (don't get me wrong - we've still bought a shit load from our local Sainsburys) and I find I end up buying excessively on things we could happily live without (6 share size bags of Twiglets, 4 tubs of chocolates, and err... gomme syrup for all the cocktails we won't make).

3. I've mentioned it before but a mainstay of hygge is making habits which become like traditions. There's nothing I love more than a Christmas tradition and as a newly married couple embarking on our own family, now is the time Ed and I get to start our own traditions. This year we spent a gorgeous festive evening baking mince pies (me) and cheese straws (him) - we didn't really talk to each other (maybe that was why I enjoyed it so much? Joke, OBVS) but it just felt so comfortable and content. Side note: My mince pies were a disaster.

4. One of my fondest memories as a child was receiving Christmas cards, I can remember that first card of the festive season dropping through the door and feeling giddy with excitment that Christmas was coming. We would get so many cards that my mum used those 80s style card fans to hang them from almost every picture hook in the house. The cards would have letters and photos inside from friends who used this as their only form of communication;  "Here's what 1994 looked like for the Wilson family..." and grainy pictures photocopied in black and white onto an A4 piece of paper. The digital age has meant we all know what each other is doing at all times, and along with postcards and photo albums, Christmas cards and with little letters inside have pretty much died out. This year, I tried to put a slightly more personal message in each of my Christmas cards (but definitely not all of them for those of you reading this who got a bog standard "Merry Christmas and a happy new year" from me). Next year I'm going to try even harder to take the time to connect with people in other ways than text, whatsapp, email, and facebook posts - there's nothing nicer than a handwritten note and a personal Christmas greeting to let people know you're thinking of them.

I'd love to know how you make your Christmas more you think this year we've all slowed down a little bit after the tumultuous year that was 2016?

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