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Cotton for comfort, cashmere for me


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When was the last time you wrapped up in a blanket?

Honestly, I'm terrible at this. 

If I feel even the slightest chill the heating goes straight on and gets cranked up to 25 degrees until I'm so warm I open the windows. Of course, I deny all knowledge of this when we get the heating bill. 

My winter resolution is to do less of this because I have a feeling my husband's on to me, so instead I've got my eye on some beautiful blankets which I can wrap up in for nights on the sofa when the temperature drops.

It's grey, it's softer than a new born puppy, and it's got tassels, I don't know why I need to say anything else?

Westbury Throw, £150, The White Company

Ethically sourced and supplied by the Sami people who travel across Norway, Sweeden, and Iceland following the seasons (and the reindeers, I guess?) you'll either love or hate these reindeer hide blankets - I love them.

Ervá Reindeer Hide Rug, £140, from Jord Home, Not On The High Street

This one is in just for LOLs really because although I LOVE IT SO costs £1,200. I don't know what it's made from, maybe gold thread sourced from Tutankhamun's tomb? If I had this blanket I'd wear it as a dress every single day for the rest of my life.

Avalon blanket, $1,525 from Hermès (obvs)

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