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Everyone's talking about hygge

*whispers* Erm...What is it?

Hygge is a feeling, it's something that can't be created through candle light alone - it's the feeling of being safe, warm, content, happy, comfortable, and relaxed. It's the things we take for granted.

When you get in from a royally shit day at work and your housemate (or husband in my case, he hates it when I call him my housemate) has put the heating on, cooked your favourite meal, and laid the table for a dinner together - the feeling you get as you step into your warm, safe, dry home to see a friendly face is hygge.

When you have a night on the sofa watching a box set, whilst wrapped in a blanket, with a pot of tea (or a bottle of wine - it really depends which side of 5pm it is) and a bag of peanut M&Ms - that's hygge.

When you spend an evening with a friend, chatting, gossiping, and putting the world to rights - the sort of friend who doesn't judge if you turn up in your scruffy comfy pants, greasy hair, and no make up because you won't judge her for not having hoovered her house for a week. The friend who you can also sit in comfortable silence with - that's true hygge friendship.

Candles, hot chocolate and woollen socks are coincidental so if I had to translate "hygge" into English, my word of choice would be contentment because, when you think about is there a nicer more glow-inducing feeling than being truly, truly content?  

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