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Hey Google...what does hygge mean?!

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What does hygge mean in English?

According to the Hygge books I've read which have been written by real Danish people (unlike, who just wishes she was Danish) Hygge can be translated as:

"Cosiness of the soul"

"Hot cocoa and candlelight"

"A special moment of a special atmosphere"

"The art of creating intimacy"

And so on and so on - you get the picture. Essentially hygge is about creating an environment that's safe, warm, inviting, and inclusive, and being really really present in the moments you create. It's not inviting friends over and then not actually sitting down to enjoy their company or forcing yourself to relax when you've got ten thousand other things you'd rather be doing.

Taking the time to make traditions (spending the last Friday of every month playing board games with the same group of friends, or attending the same christmas carol every Christmas Eve, for example) will make memories that will stay with you and those who share them with you for years and years.

Hygge is recognising simple pleasures in life and letting yourself really truly enjoy them.

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