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How to hygge your beauty regime

Because we all want scandi skin, right?

The answer to that is yes, because is it just me or do these gorgeous Scandinavian girls always look like they're glowing, despite the fact it's freezing?

I honestly think hygge and beauty go hand-in-hand, there's few things more relaxing and comforting than an evening of pure indulgence. From weekly face masks to pedicure socks (cotton boots for bed time...don't say I don't know how to treat my husband!) here are some of my favourite hyggelig beauty tips:

1. Honestly if you don't read anything other than this ONE tip then your hygge beauty regime will benefit immediately. A key part of hygge is routine so get into the habit of spending a couple of hours one evening each week on your beauty regime. For me, it's a Sunday. After my morning shower I'll moisturise my entire body and apply a hair mask and then before bed I'll exfoliate my face, use a face mask and then apply a deeply moisturising night serum - it takes 30 minutes all in all but after months of sticking to this routine it's now non-negotiable because I know how much my skin benefits from it and I really enjoy knowing that I've invested some time into looking after my skin.

2. Face masks are my absolute Hygge beauty must-have product. Choosing one to compliment your skin and using it regularly will be more beneficial than any facial treatment. The process of cleansing your face (do you use face wipes? If you do...stop! They're awful and full of alcohol which is so horribly drying on your skin), toning, and then applying a face mask is so indulgently relaxing - I also love the sensation when they tighten on your skin because you know it's really doing something and then washing them off makes you feel like you're actually revealing new skin. Bliss.

3. Cuticle balm. Again, non-negotiable now. I spent years with gel nails on which I LOVE but I found my natural nails were getting wafer thin so I had them taken off, used cuticle balm, and now my natural nails are stronger than ever and I actually really love the look of my nails with no polish and just a natural shine. I leave the balm beside my bed and then when I get into bed I'll spend two minutes applying it. Promise it makes a massive difference to your nails. My fave is a Parisian brand, & Other Stories (just opened in Leeds and I'm already addicted) in the picture below!

4. Pedicure socks, but don't blame me if your partner will find your irresistible when you slip into bed wearing these babies. I'm terrible at looking after my feet because they're always hidden so out of sight, out of mind but then it gets to sandal season and every single year I get annoyed with myself for having not looked after my feet a little better. I'd like to say I use pedicure socks (my favourite are the Bliss ones in the picture below) once a week because I'm sure if I did my feet would be gorgeous, but alas, I don't. They're amazing though and honestly, just popping them on and sleeping in them whenever you remember will make a massive difference to how your feet look and feel.

5. My final hygge beauty tip is not one that I follow myself because no matter how hard I try, I'm just not a bath person but if I was a regular bather...I'd swap my bubble bath for some bath salts to benefit from their detoxifying properties. There are some gorgeous natural sea salts on the market which - if unlike me you can relax in a bath for longer than 10 minutes - will make the experience super luxurious!

Top left: Cuticle balm from French favourite & Other Stories

Top right: Pedicure socks from Bliss

Bottom left: Retexturizing face mask from Origins

Bottom right: Magnesium flakes from West Lab

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