Embrace hygge at work for a happy office life

Let's be honest, we spend most of our time at work (yawn) so making it as hygge as possible is pretty important, yes? 

I should caveat here that I work from home but having spent 10 years prior to working for myself working in offices, I know how impersonal - and not conducive to hygge - they can be.

Incorporating a little bit of hygge in your 9-5 is easier than you'd think, I'm not going to suggest you start lighting candles and wrapping blankets around your shoulders as you sit at your desk but a few little desk additions to your work station will go a long way to making your work life a little bit more hyggelig.

One of the fundamentals of hygge is an appreciation for nature, so if you don't currently have a little desk plant - why not add a few green succulents to your desk? They hardly need watering and should withstand even the most erratic of air-conditioning (ah office air-con wars, how I miss those days).

Strip lighting is pretty standard in most offices and there's not a lot you can do about it, but you could perhaps add a desk lamp with an orange bulb to soften the light around your desk a little bit. Whilst I agree that fairy lights can look a bit "Sandra in accounts" naff (no offence Sandra) you have to admit they are pretty and if they're hung nicely will add a gentle twinkly light to counteract the bright glare from your computer.

And talking of adorning your desk - make your desk your own, add a framed photo of something that makes you happy, whether that's a family picture, a beautiful sunset, or a drunken selfie with your friends - having something familiar that evokes nice memories will be your saving grace when the email inbox starts going into overdrive and your boss is getting tetchy. 

Make the most of your lunchtime by actually leaving your desk and going for a walk - it feels like such a chore and running to the nearest Tesco Express for a meal deal doesn't count. To really get hygge, you need to be present so walk somewhere and make a conscious effort to enjoy being outside. Don't look at your phone to give yourself a 15 minute break from emails. 

Get to know your colleagues. There may be people you see every single day at work who could become life long friends - or at the very least, they might become your tea break confidant. Building relationships is all part of hygge so try to let your work mask slip a little bit and share a bit of the weekend you!

Finally, one of the key elements of hygge is getting into the routine of having habits. Why not suggest that on the last Friday of every month, somebody brings in pastries so you can all enjoy a nice brunch for example? Or a monthly social night, which could just be informal drinks in the nearest pub. Small things go a long way when it comes to creating hygge and BONUS there's few things more hyggelig than cake!

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